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Ardyss Angel Bra

Ardyss Angel Bra

$47 + Tax + shipping

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The Ardyss Angel Bra is made with the highest quality standards in materials as well as in their manufacturing and finishing processes in order to provide support and comfort in a unique firming and shaping design.

Use the Ardyss bra size calculator to determine your proper bra size and the right style for your body.

The Ardyss Angel Bra is regularly featured in our special price promotions as well as coupons, so be sure to visit often !

Here are some of the key benefits of the Ardyss Angel Bra

  • Supports and maintains good form and assists in correcting posture.
  • Molds the breasts to either equalize, increase or decrease the appearance of yourbreast size.
  • Ideal for those involved in sports.
  • Helps alleviate premenstrual tenderness.
  • Helps to form the shaping of the breast. Cups A to KK and special sizes by special request