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Ardyss Deluxe Corset

Ardyss Deluxe Corset

$100 + Tax + shipping

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The Ardyss Deluxe Corset is specially designed to support the spine, resulting in excellent posture. When you put it on, you’ll see a reduction in the size of your waist.

Here are some of the key elements of the Ardyss Deluxe Corset Shapewear

  • Corrects positioning of discs and prevents unnatural spinal curvature.
  • Encourages a more perfect positioning of the spine as the braces adjust to position shoulders in their place.
  • The rods are flexible to define the waist, eliminate irregularities, and can reduce up to 3 sizes.

    We sometimes run special price promotions as well as coupons for the Ardyss short body reshaper, so be sure to visit often !