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Here are the top 7 reasons you should join Ardyss through yourbodytransformations

Reason #1 - "Team Christine" Power Plus Pack and high performance promise*
Once you sign up, you will receive a beautifully bound "Team Christine" catalog to help with your presentations and showcases. Many on our distributor team use this valuable reference in their own showcases and presentations. It pulls everything you need to sell and sign up into one useful place.

Reason #2 - Support, Support, Support
You will be supported by Christine (407 927 8096) and partners. Anyone who has spent time in the Ardyss business will tell you that proper support can make or break your distributorship business, and unfortunately all teams are not created equal. Christine and her network have built up a stock of garments and other product samples ready to be sent at short notice to a new (or existing) team member who needs to do a demonstration. The ready availability of these garments can make or break a sale ! At signup, you will also receive an additional proprietary "Team Christine" introduction and marketing pack on top of your Ardyss power start. All this at no additional cost !

Reason #3 - Help with Ardyss Customer Service and Phone Work
As a member of Christine's team she will patiently and actively assist you, and work the phones on your behalf in order to ensure a timely resolution of issues you may have with Ardyss no matter how long it takes. For this reason alone, some distributors prefer Christine's partner network.

Reason #4 - Your earnings and commissions will be fully protected !
What are the commission rules ? Are you at risk of not being paid your commissions this month ? These and many other questions often trip up new Distributors and can lead to loss of earnings. You will learn from one of the fastest growing teams in the business who will take the time to personally fill in the gaps that Ardyss University does not cover. Christine will also personally call to remind you if there is a risk of any loss of earnings and make sure that you stay in the money and keep the money !

Reason #5 - You will get personal assistance with your showcases
Showcases are one of the best ways to grow your Ardyss business. They give you a great opportunity to demonstrate the comfort and unique body hugging fit of the body magic and other Ardyss shapewear garments. Showcases are also the only way that people can directly experience the great taste of the nutritional line. Christine has tried every nutritional product on the Ardyss line and can clearly explain how each one tastes and what benefits she has seen. She can also help you with a venue and the organization of showcases if you live within a reasonable distance of the greater Orlando (FL) area. Depending on the size of your showcase, she may be able to arrange models to demonstrate some of the shapewear line. Please call for details (407 927 8096).

Reason #6 - Christine has used every shapewear and nutrition product
Therefore, you will get the real scoop on what products are the best, which ones are in high demand. What types of garments work best for different body types and measurements. Cut out the guesswork and frustration of not knowing exactly what type of garment or what size to get it in. Get the benefit of her experience by joining through yourbodytransformations today, and not only recoup your initial investment, but be "in the money" practically within your first month !

Reason #7 - Learn the secrets of personalizing garment colors
Ardyss only provides garments in White, Beige and Black. Learn how to create stunning new colors such as HOT PINK, MAROON, PURPLE and many others through the Team Christine process. You will be amazed at how the garments turn out ! Here is a beige golden corset that has been given the "treatment"

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